Shimmy in Style with my own Belly Gear!

photo of Lorena's belly dance shop

A couple of years ago, I started thinking about creating some cute and clever tank top and t-shirt designs. Other than being a professional belly dancer, I am also a graphic designer, so coming up with different styles and catchphrases was a lot of fun and, earlier this year, my dream finally came true: my shop is open at

Customers can choose the design they like the most in a variety of different sizes and colors, and I try to provide new design choices every couple of months. My personal favorite is the “But First, Practice” tank top. Which one do you like the most?

A Super Fun Belly-ndependence Day

Lorena at the Weston Independence Day parade

For Independence Day, my friend and colleague Bea Azahar invited me and some of our friends (both dancers and drummers) to participate in the city of Weston’s parade. We decided to showcase a folkloric style of oriental dance – Raqs Assaya – to show people that there is more to belly dancing than what the general public usually expects. We created a series of short combinations that we repeated under a scorching hot Florida summer day. In the end we were understandably exhausted, but also really happy. People seemed to appreciate our performance and we sure loved dancing and sharing this special moment together. After the parade, the party continued at Bea’s house, where she delighted us by signing some beautiful Spanish songs, and where we obviously ended up dancing some more – Duh!

It was a truly wonderful day!

Double Dose Sunday – That’s a Wrap (for now)!

A photo of Lorena at bellydance workshop

Sadly, our Double Dose Sunday series has come to an end, but don’t worry… we plan on coming back by the end of the year and in 2017!

I hope you have brought home a lot of tips and tricks on how to improvise without fear. Just make sure to incorporate what you’ve learned to your daily and weekly practice because, as I told you over and over during my classes, improvisation doesn’t magically happen; you have to work on it like you do with any other belly dance technique. Think about the intention behind each one of your performances; how can you interpret the music in the best way? What movements would you choose to express joy, despair, love, or loss? Most importantly: what is your message?

Don’t forget: I am always here, if you need anything; questions, answers, a shoulder to cry on… don’t hesitate to contact me.

Now go and practice! 🙂

Lorena is a two-time belly dance gold medalist based in Miami, FL. She teaches workshops and private classes nationally and internationally, and is a favorite at theater shows, parties, and family celebrations.

June 5, 2016 | Miami, FL
Double Dose Sunday Workshops
July 17, 2016 | Miami, FL
Double Dose Sunday Workshops
Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2016 | Miami, FL
Rakstar International Bellydance Festival

Lorena is available to teach belly dance workshops in a variety of subjects, and is currently booking events for 2016. Check out the Workshops page to know more about the topics we offer, or contact us for more information.

Do you want to learn how to belly dance, but do not have time to attend regular classes? Lorena can teach belly dancers of all levels in the comfort of their homes! Just drop us a line to let us know what you are interested in.

With over a decade of professional experience under her belt, Lorena is a consummate entertainer, who can add elegance, fun and excitement to any celebration. Book her for your next event: you will not be disappointed!