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Lorena and Sophia of The Artistry of Sophia have joined forces to create “Double Dose Sunday”, a workshop series dedicated to the study of bellydance improvisation, color therapy and energy work.

After four successful weekends of oriental dancing and fun, Double Dose Sunday is on a summer break, but will come back in the fall. Stay tuned for more info!

For any and all questions, feel free to contact Lorena and/or Sophia.


The lightness, radiance, and peace I felt during your classes I rarely felt again. I miss you; we all miss you a lot. Thank you for what you taught us; it was much more than just steps and choreography.

Marina, ITA

I am very happy to have had you as a teacher. You have been a meticulous instructor; kind, generous, honest, and an excellent dancer, too.

Eleonora, ITA

Workshop Topics

Belly Dance Dynamics: How to add Depth and Drama to your Dance. Rhythm, level and directional changes can transform your dance. In this seminar, we will explore different ways to increase your performance range, add variety and keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

Lost in Transition: Filling the Space Between the Moves. This workshop is geared toward those dancers who know the basic movements of belly dance, but are unsure how to put them together seamlessly. If you’ve ever wondered: “How do I get from point A to point B without looking like a robot?”, this is the seminar for you!

Crazy for Sha’abi:  Dance with confidence, humour and sass! Sha’abi is a very popular style in belly dance, nowadays. But what is it and how is it performed? In this workshop, we will discuss the origins and characteristics of this style, the most appropriate music to dance to and the best way to interpret it.

Belly Dance 101: Fundamentals of belly dance: Learn the basic steps of belly dance and put them together into short and fun combinations.

Dum Dum Tek-nique: This seminar will teach you how to identify the most common rhythms used in Arabic music and what to do with them. Sustain your shimmies, sharpen your hip and chest movements, and learn exciting new combinations, too! This workshop can also be combined with a Drum Solo Choreography seminar.

From A to Zills: Basic finger cymbals technique: We will identify the most commonly used patterns and rhythms and we will learn simple and easy ways to move and play at the same time! Yay!

Intro to Improv: You have been dancing for a few years; you know the steps, but how can you remember them and put them together when you improvise? This workshop will teach you how to improvise without fear!

Secrets Re-Veiled: Learn basic veil technique, tricks and combinations. This seminar can also be paired with a Veil Choreography workshop.

Shimmy 101: Identify the most common types of shimmies and learn how to improve, sustain and layer this ever-popular move! This workshop can include an exercise made popular by Aziza of Montreal: The 20-minute shimmy drill!

Have another topic in mind? Contact me: I’d be thrilled to hear about your ideas and work with you!